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What is shoppo99.com?

Shoppo99 is a distinctive e-commerce mall designed to serve people especially when you need us the most. We also believe that customers are the key to our success and therefore aim to foster genuine and long-lasting relationships as we listen closely and deliver goods that exactly fit your needs. In fact, when compared to other providers, we exceed expectations and provide you with an extensive selection of products from both national and international brands. As an omnichannel retailer, Shoppo99 empowers people to create economic opportunities for both buyers and sellers across the Indian subcontinent. We are the shopper’s ultimate dream destination, focusing on proffering quality, reliability and a seamless e-commerce ecosystem that creates life-changing experiences for our customers and retailers, alike. While connecting several buyers and sellers on a single platform, we are at the helm of creating memorable shopping trends across a mammoth assortment of deals, discounts and offers. We aim to make the trend of online shopping a household brand where your favourite products are available instantly. Using the latest in technology, Shoppo99 also ensures secure transactions, across a user-friendly interface with easy shopping cart and payment procedures. Teaming up with the best logistics agents in the country, we ensure appropriate, on-time and risk-free deliveries devoid of any fears. Amid the pandemic, it is time to create more contactless interactions that make you feel safe. All our employees wear masks and gloves to keep any kind of infection at bay.

As we develop our services, we are also expanding our business base where you are bound to discover newer and better opportunities.

With Shoppo99, you are always in good hands – literally!

Why Shoppo99.com?

We are a new and innovative e-commerce mall that believes in serving its customers to the fullest. You will find some of the best in discounts, brands and local products on our portal. At shopp99.com, you will get whatever you are looking for. Save on valuable time, money and fuel costs, when you order from us.


Ordering from shoppo99.com


Step 1:

Select your city


Step 2:

Enter the name of the product or store that you are looking for and hit the search glass

Alternatively, browse through the All Categories list for the specific item that you are seeking


Step 3:

Once you have found your product simply click on the Add to Cart button

Step 4:

You can either choose to Continue Shopping or View cart & Checkout


Step 5:

In the Shopping Cart click on Proceed To Checkout

Step 6:

In the Checkout section, enter your Shipping Address, Payment Method, review your order and then click on Place Order Now. You will be redirected to a payment page according to the mode that you have chosen.