Delivery Information


General Shipping Policy


Thank you for your purchases.

This general shipping policy applies to all our users who use for their purchases. For more details on making payments and modes of payment check the FAQs present under our Terms and Conditions document.

Currently, we are only servicing Chennai and Coimbatore and do not have delivery facilities available at other hubs across India. While all packaging and handling are taken care of by our logistics provider, is not responsible for any damages consequential or otherwise. You may, however, contact us at 9600074315 for any queries regarding your package.

Products with limited shelf life have to be consumed within the prescribed dates on their packaging. Shoppo99 will deliver products only within usable periods. But if you think the products are still unpalatable, you may speak to the producer/manufacturer directly with your discrepancy. Shoppo99 is not responsible for the quality of goods that are within the packaging.

According to the domestic shipping policy, all orders may be processed within 2 to 3 business days. However, it might take up to 5 or 7 business days or even more for complex deliveries. If you are in a remote or out of the delivery area, the products may take longer to reach your doorstep. In any case, the system will clearly indicate if you are in a serviceable area or not based on which you can place your order.  If the volumes of orders are really high, you might experience some delay in delivery.

 It is the purchasers’ responsibility to book the shipment according to their availability and delivery.

COVID-19 Precautions


All delivery executives are fully trained to undertake deliveries with utmost precaution during the pandemic. They wear masks, hand gloves, and carry sanitizing agents when they arrive at the consumers’ premises for delivery. While our logistics department oversees every employee, it can be difficult to assess, at least in the initial stages, if anyone of them is a symptomatic or an asymptomatic carrier of the disease. In such cases, since it comes to light only after a certain period, shoppo99 and its associates cannot be held responsible for any unpredictable infections passed on to the consumer during or through the deliveries. In fact, this applies to any infectious disease, across the board.

For more information, check out the following FAQs with regard to shipping and deliveries.



  1. When will the shipping start after I place my order?

       Generally 2-3 business working days.

  1. Dispatched items will reach the buyer in how many days?

       It takes 4-6 days to reach the buyer after the products are dispatched. But some products will reach within 2-3 days.

  1. Can I track my order after shipping?

       You get a tracking number via email. Login to the page click and give the tracking number to know the live status of your order.

  1. Do you have shipping charge?

     Delivery charge varies with each Seller.

Sellers incur relatively higher shipping costs on low value items. In such cases, charging a nominal delivery charge helps them offset logistics costs. Please check your order summary to understand the delivery charges for individual products.

Rs 50* charge for delivery per item is applied if the order value is less than Rs 500*. While, orders of Rs 500* or above are delivered free.

These rates are subject to change and shoppo99 does not vouch for their stability. For any change in delivery charges, it will be automatically reflected during check-out.


  1. I got notification as ‘product out for delivery’ but not delivered within 2 days. What to do?

      Usually the products which are out for delivery should reach you within 2 days. In case you didn’t get it, track and call the courier service provider or us, we will help you.

  1. What if my product is not delivered on the expected delivery date?

       You could wait for 48hours and then call us or track the order and call the courier company. There could be a delay in delivery if the location cannot be tracked, not in range, unavailability of the product at the merchant, etc.

  1. Can I expect all the products placed in a single order receive me at the same time?

       This depends on the merchant and your location. Same products but different quantities can reach you at the same time in a single order but not two different products. Though it reached you twice or thrice the courier charge will be same and as mentioned earlier.

  1. What is RTO and do you do this?

      RTO means “Return to Origin”. We return the order to the merchant in following conditions:

       (i)If there is no one to receive your order

       (ii)If our delivery person couldn’t connect to you on phone

       (iii)If the delivery person cannot track your address

  1. Can I expect a refund if the product goes RTO?

       If it’s cash on delivery you don’t have to pay and if it’s already paid we will initiate a refund.